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Melissa e Lucas

Melissa e Lucas

Padrinhos e Madrinhas

Sem ordem, todos são muito especial pra nós!

Padrinhos do Noivo

  • Gustavo Duarte
    Gustavo Duarte

    Most people call him by his nickname, Guga. Met him when I moved back to Brasil in 2010 and we clicked from the start. My best friend since day 1, we did everything together. A guy that is extremely competitive, but could never beat me in anything LOL. Besides that, always had an ambition to own his company and that is a reality today. He is the single guy from the group, so watch out girls!

  • Filipe Duarte
    Filipe Duarte

    Most people call him Fifa. By far the best chef in Floripa! At only 23 years old he is already head chef at one of the best restaurants in town! Every get together he was the one cooking, that basically means, IT WAS ALWAYS A GOOD TIME! Haha.

  • Ricardo De Bem
    Ricardo De Bem

    The youngest of the group. One of my most creative and funny cousins I have, he lightens up the room. He is young, but don’t under estimate his capabilities. Started his digital company from scratch and keeps grinding everyday.

  • Matheus De Bem
    Matheus De Bem

    The guy that can do it all! He is a doctor, a pastor, a husband and a friend. Someone who is always inspiring and encouraging others around him. I strongly believe the day has 32hrs for him because doesnt matter how much he has to do, he will do it all LOL. We have been really close since the day I moved back to Brasil.

  • Marcel Santos
    Marcel Santos

    The long time old friend, met him when I was 8 yrs old in 2nd grade and been inseparable ever since. Played soccer and did just about everything together. Someone that is always down if you call him to go out, but 98% of the time we will just end up chilling in the basement LOL. The finance guy, have questions about investing, talk to him!

  • Tulio Pereira
    Tulio Pereira

    The most serious guy of the bunch, in more than 15 years we’ve known each other I made him laugh 2x haha, jk (well being a Chargers fan I dont blame him). We really get along by having 2 major things in common, watching NFL and saving money hahaha. My partner in the casino... guaranteed to lose money 9/10 times.

  • Jeanpaul Coves
    Jeanpaul Coves

    My brother in law that i’ve came to be really close to since I came back to the US. Im the only guy that can make him smile in pictures. Matter of fact, im start charging my sis in law Paola for when she needs him to smile haha. One of the funniest guys you can meet, if you get him in a good mood. Him talking in portuguese is one of greatest/bizarre things you can hear.


  • Paola Gonzalez
    Paola Gonzalez

    My oldest sister is someone who has a special place in my heart, someone I truly admire and look up to. To me she is a "superwoman" who does it all. She is my go to person for everything I need whether it be advice, clothes, shoes, a personal stylist, a mentor or a friend. She always took care of me and raised me as if I was her own daughter. This caused lots of fights growing up, but now that I am a little older and little wiser, I see she always had good intentions and wanted the best for me. She is an amazing mother, smart, persistent, frugle (inside joke), and dependable. I thank God for putting such an amazing sister in my life!

  • Lily Domingues
    Lily Domingues

    Lily has been my best friend since high school and I am so lucky to have found such a sweet, caring, strong, selfless, loving friend who genuinely always wanted the best for me. Friends like Lily are extremely rare and I am so thankful to have had her in my life for all these years. From all of our fun nights out, to girls night, to dinner at her house, to spending the whole day together, to getting our nails done, to clubbing. These are moments I will always cherish and I know we will create new memories together in this new chapter of our lives. Love this girl like my sister!

  • Thais Pereira
    Thais Pereira

    Thais is my oldest and best friend and we go wayyy back to 6th grade hahaha! Thais is one of the few people I can genuinely say has seen me go through it all and stood by me. She was there when lucas and I started dating and the greatest part of all is that today I still consider her my best friend. Only she knows how happy I was to find out she would be coming to our wedding and I am so excited for her to be standing next to me as I marry my best friend. I have so many amazing memories with her, especially when we both discovered our favorite sushi spot and have yet to like another place since LOL. I cherish all of our sleepovers, dancing at the club, day trips, weekend trips, and how much her parents love to feed me hahaha. I love this girl so much!

  • Angelica Gonzalez
    Angelica Gonzalez

    Angelica is my youngest sister. She shares my love for make-up and fashion even though I'll never look as cool as her haha. I love that as we get older we are able to have more serious conversations and bonding moments. I know for as we live we will always fight about stupid stuff, but I am grateful God gave me a little sister like her.

  • Jennifer Pereira
    Jennifer Pereira

    I met Jennifer many years ago when she started dating Tulio (Lucas' Groomsman). We have gotten so much closer since Lucas moved back. We love coming over to their apartment, playing games, making BBQ's together and our very favorite, POKER! We had so much fun with them in Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon. What I love the most about them is they are always down to do anything and they love to travel as much as we do! We are super excited they are not only coming to Brasil, but standing there as we say I DO!

  • Helen De Bem
    Helen De Bem

    Helen is Lucas' cousin and forever my "twin" LOL. She has always been a really great friend, super lovable, and always encourages me to do what I love. She inspires me to be a better loving person and I admire her for her consistent relationship with God. I don't see Helen much since she lives in Brasil, but whenever we catch up it feels like we were never distant. I am super excited we will be official cousins very soon!

  • Bruna De Bem
    Bruna De Bem

    Bruna is Lucas' youngest sister and now my little sister. I met bruna when she was just 8 years old and I am so proud of the woman she has become. She lives in Brasil so I don't get to see her often, but I love her so much! She started her own clothing company which is amazing for an 18 year old. She is relentless when she puts her mind to something and I am very excited for what the future holds for her.